Colin Godbout

Musical Essays

With a brush of nylon strings and a palette of global genres I paint musical portraits and landscapes
from around the world.  I invite you to explore my gallery of musical essays, outlined below.


The Greatest Guitarist in the World steps you right up to three bouts of the hottest pickers on earth going neck and neck.
Django’s Caravan & Castle * Chet’s Changes * Lenny vs Jimi * Beatific Vision1 & 2 * Led Clapton * Stairway + * Watchtower *
In Ring #1 Chet‘s Changes challenge Django‘s Dream, in Ring #2 Hendrix‘s Chord confronts Breau‘s Bells, and in Ring #3
Clapton‘s Crossroads encounter Page‘s Stairway.  “Chet Atkins told me Django was the greatest guitarist.”  Hank Garland
My fans insist that I’m the greatest guitar player.”  Atkins  “You’re the greatest guitar player.”  “I know.”  Valerie & Lenny Breau

“Lenny’s going to turn out to be the #1 guitar player.”  Atkins, 1968  The Greatest Love: 1a1b, 2345 *
Johnny Carson: “Who is the best guitarist in the world?”  Hendrix: “Phil Keaggy.”  Apocryphal 1969 Interview
Hendrix turned the guitar into the ultimate phallic symbol.”  Danko Jones  “Hendrix revolutionized music.”  Molly Johnson
Hendrix’s legacy is assured as the greatest guitarist of all time.”  Tom Morello  “Hendrix is like the great boxers.”  Buddy Guy
Hendrix‘s music tells a tale of the ’60’s and also of the future…about Cherokees or black Americans or the blues...He came out
like Mike Tyson, when Tyson would knock guys [out] in 3 seconds.”  Santana  10111213, 14 * Guitar S.E.X. & G.O.D.S.
Every time I talk about jazz I think of prizefighters.”  Coltrane   AliJack * Pac * Hope * Ray * Guy * Duel 1234, 5, 666.

[Lenny] got into his Hendrix mode, tied a bandana around his head and was doing this anguished stuff.”  Dan Hall, 1978
My dad and I were listening to a Hendrix LP and [his 2nd wife] threw it on the ground saying, ‘this is evil!‘”  Chet Breau, 1983

Chet Atkins says that I’m the best goddamn guitarist in the world.”  “It’s weird…like being a gunslinger.”  Lenny Breau, 1980
Tommy Emmanuel is about the only guitarist I’ve heard who can come close to what Lenny Breau did…he’s probably the
greatest finger-picker in the world today.” Atkins, 1997  Emmanuel: philanthropistmissionary, and greatest?  Dixie12 *
Gypsy King 1 & 2 * Django 1, 23, 4 * Dazed 1, 2, 3, 4 * Stairway 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 * Purple Haze 12345666 *
Groupies 1, 510 * Crossroads: 123TearsDad‘s Eyes & Mom’s Arms * Change * Presence 1, 2, 3 *  Heaven 1 & 2 *
Greats, Guitars, & Muses ~ Django: King, Cathedral, & Saint * Chet: GentGun, & Land12, 3 * Breau: Painter, Brush,
Queen * Page: HermitStaff, & Groupie or Jesus * Clapton: PilgrimCross, & Pieta * Hendrix: ChildPhallus, & Lady *
Godbout is a six-string wizard and can coax any style out of his acoustic.  It’s fingerpickin’ good.”  Winnipeg Free Press
An insane range and flawless transitions mark this intense musical essay….A must see.”  Edmonton Vue Weekly

Hapi Hendrix Experience: This link seems to be working now.

Guitar Hero: a 6-String Odyssey relates Northrop Frye’s history of the literary hero to that of the guitar hero.
Diabolus in Musica: Metalhead & Sirens, High Hipster & Lotus Eaters; Dominus in Musica: Blind Bluesman as Cyclops;
Deus in Musica: Blind Psalmist as Tiresias, Hymnist as Athena, Finger , Sail1 & 2.

Stations of the Axe compares six guitarists’ representations of Jesus: Green’s Charitable Christ, Santana’s Rainbow
, Lennon’s Latin Lord, Dylan’s Soulful Señor & Hero, Clapton’s Pieta, and Buchanan’s Blues Messiah – The Seeker.

The Last Gig of Lenny Breau dramatizes the Canadian guitar legend’s final performance.  Bells: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 * Modes *
Overture * Vincent / Reverie * JazzragaNYC * That’s All * Moonlight * 5:00 BellsSatie Sunrise * Last Will * WFP Interview *
Godbout does a terrific job bringing Lenny Breau to life.  A wonderful way to honor a music legend.”  Winnipeg Theatre
Godbout blew me away.  He is an immense talent…One of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen.”  Winnipeg Review
Godbout gets as close to Breau’s mystical relationship to his instrument as anyone I’ve ever heard…The evening may be
dramatically erratic but there was no doubt, that haunted night, the spirit of Lenny Breau was very near.”  Edmonton Sun

Canuck Quixote conjures quixotic musical portraits of Aboriginal and African people in songs by LightfootCohenMitchell,
CockburnYoungBoyd, and Breau.  Man of la Mancha * Dulcinea1 & 2 * What Does He Want * The Impossible Dream1 & 2 *
Through the woodland, through the valley, comes a horseman wild and free; tilting at the windmills passing.”  Gordon Lightfoot
Lenny stayed up into the early morning hours reading and rereading his favorite novel, Don Quixote, until ‘his eyes were
spinning in his head.’”  Denny Breau  “It’s about visions; whatever you see in your head you try to play.”  Lenny Breau
Catherine Tekakwitha, can I love you in my own way?”  “I have come to rescue you from the Jesuits.“   Leonard Cohen

I wanted to be a role model to say, ‘You can do your impossible dream and don’t give up, just change.'”  Liona Boyd

The ABC’s of CanGit relates six Canadian guitarists to the four types of Atwood’s victim and of Frye’s hero.
Bryan AdamsJoni AndersonMitchell * Liona Boyd * Lenny BreauBruce Cockburn * Leonard Cohen *

Multiculturalism: the Musical justifies a complementarian collage of East Indian and Western classical,
blues, heavy metal, reggae, hip hop, and jazz music.  “In a lot of ways, hip-hop is the Five Percent.”  RZA
Hip hop is in many ways the same as Bebop.”  Quincy Jones  “Bebop is the foundation of modern jazz.”  J.E. Berendt
My music is the spiritual expression of what I am – my faith, my knowledge, my being.”  John Coltrane
One should begin a piece of music and wake up at the end, having become that music.”  Manuel Barrueco
Unless I become the raga itself, I cannot feel the soul of the raga.”  Ravi Shankar
All races, nations, classes and people are like a strain of music based upon one chord.”  Inayat Khan

2 to Django is a gypsy jazz journey into the life of guitarist Django Reinhardt, from the caravan fire that burned
his fingers to occupied Paris, where he fell in love and rose to stardom.  DjangoClipDjango’s Mass1 & 2Gypsy Pilgrims *
CaravanNuagesCastle2 to DjangoI Love ParisSentimoodDjangoWorld on a StringGutstring *
Godbout’s playing is blazing good, shot through with passion and very brave.”  Plank Magazine, Victoria
“An amazing guitarist…Godbout picks beautifully for the full hour of the concert and makes great music.”  Calgary Musicals

Beethoven Rolls Over while swapping 88 keys for a 6-string after failing to woo his beloved with a Faust Symphony.
SchroederRoll OverSoleá * B’s Blues * Mignon * 7th, #2 * Ludwig’s * 9th? * Bettina the Beloved? *
Transforming Beethoven to blues is no mean feat, and Godbout’s skill as a musician can easily rivet you for an hour.”  Avenue
Magazine, Calgary  “Be spellbound by a man who makes one guitar sound as rich as an orchestra.”  Vue Weekly, Edmonton
Imagine Muddy Waters doing Beethoven and that’s Godbout at his guitar: an intense musician with sophisticated taste
and original sense of dynamics…no doubt the most talented musician I’ve seen in Victoria.”  Culture Vulture, Victoria

The Last Gig of J.C. interprets Coltrane‘s final concert, at the Olatunji Center of African Culture, as a musical prayer for Africa.
They mocked him.Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?‘”  Mt. 27:29, 46
John Coltrane used to play so much that…his lips were bleeding and…there’d be blood running down.”  Lenny Breau
You just keep going all the way, as deep as you can.  You keep trying to get right down to the crux.”  John Coltrane
St. John Coltrane Church traces its roots to African Orthodox Church, which deified Jesus as “the Black Man of Sorrows.”
Follow the bloodied frets of my ebony fingerboard on a musical journey from the heart of Africa to the gates of Harlem.
Minor: Meditations * Tunji1 & 2 & 3 * Jingo1 & 2 & 3 * Ascens * Afro * Afri * Things * Light * Mau Mau * Supreme * Psalm *
Major: Rain * Welcome1 & 2 * Love * AmenTrinity * Lord * Abide * Funeral * BetehelemuSt. Peter’s1 & 2 *
Is there an exception to Coltrane’s aversion to the major keynote and affinity for the minor keynote in the above songs?
Malcolm X and Coltrane represented the combination of a blues-people sensibility with an anti-western / pro-Africa stance…
in their aesthetics
.”  Kalamu Ya Salaam  “When a person wants to become an American citizen, he or she has to say
the pledge of allegiance in front of God.  
A Love Supreme is John’s pledge of allegiance.”  Elvin Jones
You know Whole Lotta Love or 7th Son?  That’s the bass line in A Love Supreme – it’s just a blues lick.”  Branford Marsalis
If you’ve ever seen anybody run scared, this is the picture [Coltrane] gave me, musically.”  Jimmy Oliver
Coltrane ran as far as he could in one direction, then started running quickly in another.”  Ben Ratliff
I want to produce beautiful music…in communion with the natural laws.”  [Nature produces a major chord.]
If you wanted to name [my music] anything you could name it a classical music.”  John Coltrane, 1966
Apart from a brief invocation, A Love Supreme and Coltrane’s final concert are all blues and pantonality.
I hated it….So, I played it again.  I played it again and I played it again, and I just couldn’t stop playing it.”  Mr. Holland’s Opus

Deus in Musica extolls music basking in the supernatural glory of nature’s perfect chord.
Trinity1 & 2 * Maria1 & 2 * Grace * Happy * Freedom * Betel * OboeChimes * Jesu1 & 2 * God12 * Welcome * Amen *
Canada * Echoes * Banner * Teach * Sing * FanfareEncounters * Do * Dominique1 & 2 * Frere * Chord * 2001 *
“Whereas Melody is the cry of Man to God, Harmony is the answer of God to Man.”  Anonymous 
The major chord “is the image of the divine Unitrinity” and “of an antecedent Creator.”  Johannes Lippius and J.P. Rameau
Tonality took the form of a harmonic system providing order, direction, and the resolution of tension into the ‘perfect chord,’
the major triad (C, E, G), which is a reflection of the divine Trinity, Father, Holy Spirit, an
d Son.”  Dane Rudhyar
Consciousness of the [major] chord of nature is a distinguishing feature of the people of the West.”  Felix-Eberhard von Cube
Your [Afro-American] birthright is to inherit the mind, the will, the Spirit of God.”  Louis Farrakhan (51:16)
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company.”  Billy Davis

Dominus in Musica exumes music based on a cadence from the dominant seventh chord to nature’s indigenous chord.
Hallelujah1 & 2Vivaldi1 & 2Surprise * Nachtmusik * Peace Bride * Midlight * KJV * DMXJR * FrancisHands *
In music the leading tone is the Gospel, which dominates the other tones.”  Martin Luther  “All musical works are
nothing other than a combat between the consonant commom chord and the seventh chord.” 
 Louis Claude de Saint-Martin
As the chord that dominates the access to I as I, V seems quite appropriately called the dominant chord.”  Victor Zuckerkandl
The polarity of original sin and Grace is the final meaning of music from Bach to Beethoven.”  Oswald Spengler
The flat seventh leads all tones, which pray to it for delivery, to their source – divine spirit.”  Bettina Brentano
Included in the elevation of the spirit to the fundamental structure is an uplifting to God.”  Heinrich Schenker 

Diabolus in Musica exorcises music flaunting flatted fifths by means of resolution to nature’s original chord.
Classical: Dante Sonata * Malediction * UndineDer Freischütz * Tristan & Isolde * Gnossienne * Mars * Raga Marwa * Vexations *
Folk: Dust 2 Dust *
Blues: The Majesty of the BluesDevil1 & 2 * Prayer1 & 2 & 3 * Now’s * Boom * Fever * 7 * MidnightOnions * Slinky *
OutsideShepherd * Boogie Stop ShuffleReason * Blues Symphony * Sho Nuff Da Blues * Sack Full of Soul * Devil * Dracula *
Jazz: Go Down Moses * Mooche * SwingFutur Primitive * Bolero * Man With the Jive * Waiting for Benny * Ool-ya-koo *
Rebel Set * CannibalsPeter Gunn * Tampico Twist * Curried Soul * Vipers * Jive * Minnie * Dope Head * Sing *
Flatted Fifth * Musis Sacrum * Backlash * Straight Ice * Jelly Roll * Jes Swingin’ * Spirits * Spirits2 * Nuit * Ascenseur * Mr. Bean * Voodoo Suite * Vibrations * Haitian Fight Song * FingertipsAfro-Eurasian Eclipse * 3 for the Festival * Sack Full of Soul * Money Jungle * Koolbonga *
All Africa * A Drum is a Woman & 2Fables * Moanin’ * Pork Pie Hat * Pedal Point * Dancer * Ain’t Necessarily So *
Take 5 * Unsquare * Larceny * Doodlin’Boplicity * Sid’s Ahead * They Say I Look Like GodRaes * Liberia * Resolution * Ju-Ju * Nommo1 & 2 *
Inner Urge * Shades of BlueNellie * Hit by a BrickBody & Soul * Miles * Ron BurgundyBilbaoOssanha * Lamento * Bells * Ye Hypocrite, Ye Beelzebub * Listen to the Silence * Black Messiah * Hummin’ * Far Side * ShofukanDeath of Jazz * History Repeating *
Fusion: Pass * DancingRockit * TutuJojo * SplatchFlute * RougeDeepThing * Operator * Hang * Taboo * Never *
Reggae: Zion Train * RebelLegalize * Macka Spliff * Darker1 & 2 * Dinner * Garvey * Jah * Satta1 & 2 * StrainPower *
Film: Streetcar * Dragnet * Peter Gunn * Pink Panther * BatmanMan from Uncle * Streets of S.F. * Aging Children * Webster TV *
J.C. Overture * Phantom * Simpsons1 & 2 & 3 * Mission Impossible * Doom * Cape Town Affair * Get Smart * Apache * Never Let Go * Bad Lieutenant * Piracy It’s a Crime * Our Man in Jamaica * Tiffany * Tower Heist * Under Fire * Topsy Turvy (1:20 & 3:52) * Psych-Out * Ambassador * Moron 5.2 *
Rock: Magnet * Circumstances * Spotlight Kid * ClickBlue Jay Way * BulldogPurple Haze * BannerFire * D.O.A. *
Smoke * Aqualung * My God * Sunshine * Machine Gun * Oh Well * HoorayInagaddadavida * Devil * Hoochie Koo *
SpaceTruckin’ * Lazy * Superstition * Liberation * Pudding * Spider * Heartbreaker * Ragdoll * Weather * Bad * Michelle *
Immigrant * Dancing Days * Trouble ManMove * CitiesFast LaneFrankenstein * Lady * Outshined * Sex Type *
JungleOld Man * Yyz * Lark’s Tongues * SchizoidRnR Creation * Rich * MissionWalk * AnimalWake Up *
Rock Bottom * TeacherBack in Black * Dream * FloodsEven Flow * Revolution * Girl * Animal * Rumour * Crash *
Like the Devil * Heart is BlackHangover * BachelorBlackened Bones * Down to Georgia * Wonderwall *
Just For You *  Naked Eye *  Black Horse & Cherry Tree * Do You Feel Like We Do * 14th & Jefferson * Funknroll *
Sharp Dressed Man * CommotionThe Carny * Station to Station * Celestial Blues * Gel * Hurt * In the Garden * Hot Suff * Killing Strangers *
Heavy Metal: Black Sabbath * Void * God is DeadLightning * Am I EvilAs I AmBell Tolls * SanitySandman *
Raining Blood * PeopleAceCowboys * Thunderstruck * Insane * 3rd Reich * Abyss * Vampire * Spell * Intervention *
Head * GraveEvil Dick * Neighborhood * Born DeadBowels * VoodooNeighborhood * DragulaSuperbeast * Girl *
Hot Rod * Hero * 69 * Burning * LiesSummer * Sad but TrueSouth of Heaven * Still of the Night * Death Magnetic *
Diabolus in Musica * Death to All But Metal * King Antichrist * In the Sign of the Horns * On Deaf Ears * Fish Out of Water * Beautiful People * Evilution * Sex Farm * Prince of Darkness * Ithyphallic * Stand Up & Shout * Livin’ the Life *
Hip Hop: Fear * Hype * Can’t Truss ItBe Black * Proud * Black Steel * I’m BadAllah * Miss Ghetto * Invasion *
Bitches * ProblemsShabazzEquationNo Mystery * Culture * Swordsman * Devil * Walk * Hustler * Colors *
Bebop 2 Hip Hop1 & 2 * Black Enough * Kill ‘Em All *
Midnight * Deep Cover * DangerBackNiggaz * Nigga * Wickedest * Roach * RollersGangsta * Appetite * Woo Hah *
Let U KnowWut * Boogie * MonsterPump * Crime Story * Louie * Dumpin’ Em * Gravel Pit * SqueezeSuicidal *
The tritone was identified as the music of the devil, because it apparently was the sound used to call up the beast.
Most of the pracitioners [of heavy metal] were fans of dark classical music, like Wagner.”  Bob Ezrin
Heavy metal, like all forms of rock and soul, owes its biggest debt to African-American blues.”  Robert Walser
The blues scale has the flat fifth, the tritone.  That’s the devil’s note.”  Alex Webster  “Rock is blues-based.”  Jimi Hendrix
The flatted fifth became the most important interval of bebop.”  “Bebop is the foundation of modern jazz.”  J.E. Berendt
Hip hop is in many ways the same as Bebop, because it was renegade-type music.”  Quincy Jones
We can call notes by many names, but in the end they are all Sounds, and they are messengers of the Holy.”  Stephen Rush

Must God Be a Boogie Man? compares leitmotifs of a black male deity in modern jazz, reggae, and hip hop music.
God Must Be a Boogie Man * I Look Like GodBells * Black MessiahBlack Beauty * Black Dignity * Be Black *
Allah * Miss Ghetto * Back on the Block * Black God Dial 7 * Shabazz * Ain’t No Mystery * Culture * Yellow Brick Road *
If Negroes are created in God’s image, and Negroes are black, then God must in some sense be black.”  Marcus Garvey
Many English believed God was English and that the same ‘English God’ watched over America.”  Lynn Dorland Trost
“Love him and live.  Hate him and die….Live black, love black, think black – our God is black.”  Peter Tosh
Wha’ dem want, a white God?  Well, God come black.  True, true.”  Bob Marley
The black man is god.”  Wise Intelligent  “Everybody knows the man [Jesus] was original [black].”  Brand Nubian
God had become white, and Allah, out of power and on the dark side of Heaven, had become black.”  James Baldwin
The last time the messiah showed up he was cool, but he wasn’t black.  Some folks have been waiting
thousands of years for any kind of messiah to show up that they can deal with, you know.”  Cannonball Adderley
In the sixties and seventies…Black Nationalism was the language of the young and hip.”  Wynton Marsalis
[In] the late seventies, early eighties….Malcolm X’s ghost was riding the wind.”  Wynton Marsalis

Crossroad Blues blends songs of Johnson, Dylan, Buchanan, Clapton, Page, Beck, and Green to portray an ex-con’s
encounter with a mysterious man who offers him supernatural skill in exchange for his soul.   Xroads12 , 34 *
Prison * Midnight * Farm * Man * X * Train * Fault * Soul Move * Grace * Serve * Baloney *
Shadows1 & 2 * Apostle * Spirit * Harmony * 7 * Skies * Alba * Evil * Bluz * Pilgrim * Messiah * Ready * Grace *
I went to the crossroads, fell down on my knees; asked the Lord above for mercy, ‘save me if you please.‘”  Robert Johnson
“This [blues] chord of the seventh…demands (in aesthetic terms) to be saved.”  Louis Claude de Saint-Martin 
You just a white boy lost in the blues.”  Sonny Terry  “Whitey playing the blues now – got you in his grip.”  Louis Farrakhan
White folks need a closer acquaintance with the blues.  Then they will be ready to join the human race.”  Robert Bone

The Greatest Unknown Guitarist in the World dramatizes the PBS documentary of Roy Buchanan.
Son of a Preacher Man * In the Beginning * Country Preacher1 & 2 * The Story of Isaac * Wayfaring Pilgrim *
Country Boy * Roy’s Bluz * If 6 Was 9 * Black Messiah1 & 2 * Messiah Will Come Again * Thank You Lord *
I get goose bumps and feel like there’s a spiritual presence there.  Then I know I’ve done the right thing.”  Roy Buchanan
Roy was a God-given talent and God had to give it to him, because nobody could be that good.”  Danny Denver

The 27 Club offers intercessory musical prayers for 9 musicians who died in their 27th year.  Xroads1 & 2 & 3 * Riders * Break * Country * Harvest * Prayer1 & 2 * Shine1 & 2 * Fire1 & 2 & 3 & 4 * Haze & Hooray *
School & Church & House1 & 2 * Lady1 & 2 * Child1 & 2 * Depress1 & 2 & Rise * Rehab & Live / s * Spirit1 & 2 & 2b & 3 *
ComeasUR * Rape1 & 2 & Batter * SunBeam * Lithium1 & 2 & All1 & 2 * Great or Love * Heaven1 & 2 *
The modern artist, crucified between [degradation and spirituality], in turn is the prototype of modern Man.”  Jocelyn Godwin

David Soothes Saul dramatizes a ghastly gig at the haunted house of a possessed politician.  Sirens * Smith * Troubled *
Christ’s cross was mystically exhibited in the wood and stretched strings of [David’s] harp, and thereby it was the very Passion
that was hymned and that overcame the spirit of [Saul].”  Niceta of Remesiana  “By playing his lyre David reestablishes
God’s presence, which means that he restores in Saul the state of inspired prophet
.”  Gilbert Rouget
God…put [evil spirit] to flight from King Saul by the spiritual songs of his faithful servant David.”  The Roman Ritual Of Exorcism
About the mystical meaning of the harp, gut is stretched on a harp.  On this instrument the flesh is crucified.”  St. Augustine
The cross taught all wood to resound His name.  His stretched sinews taught all strings what key is best.Since all music is
but three parts [a major chord]…let thy blessed Spirit play a part and make up our defects with his sweet art.”  George Herbert
In French manuscripts the harp took on the symbol of the Crucifixion.  The double-edged symbolic nature of the harp –
lust and enlightenment – also extends to other instruments.”  Robert Quist
I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord…the minor fall, the major lift.”  Leonard Cohen 

The Musical Exorcist modulates discordant melodies and jarring harmonies in accordance with laws of musical structure, conventions of tonal decorum, and principles of improvisational propriety.

Global Replay: From Blues to Bliss conjures and transfigures musical portraits.  World12345, 6, 7New * Alabama *
Pa Ti * Bird * Vision123 * Queen123456a , 6b6c7a , 7b7c * Dulcinea1 & 2 & 3 & 4 * Aldonza * Rox *

Madonna & Magdalene: a Musical Portrait of Two Marys
Leda * Ave * Mother1 & 2 * Child * Boy * Nativity * Hymn * Kissed * Mary * Tirzah * Strange * Alright * Don’t * 2nd *

6 Guitarristas surveys the lives and repertoires of Gaspar Sanz, Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega, and a few other Spaniards.
Sanz * Torija * Aranjuez * Spain *

Unplugged Zep is a global guitar trek from FriscoCalifornia to the Black Mountainside of Kashmir
and the Atlas Mountains of Morrocco, from Iceland and Nunavut to the Gates of Heaven.
From California sunlight to sweet Calcutta rain and Honolulu starbright the song remains the same.

Viva Tarrega is a journey into the life and music of revolutionary guitarist Francisco Tarrega.  Through his compositions, transcriptions, and performances Tarrega brought the guitar from cafes to concert halls.  
Nokia Tune * Music Box * Lagrima * Marietta * Prelude in E * Sueno * Alhambra * Capricho Arabe *

Bardic Blake: a Romantic Rhapsode Like ancient bards and rhapsodes English poet William Blake sang his visionary verses. 
Though his melodies were lost to posterity I recreate the bardic Blake with musical settings of his lyrics.
Golden Cage * Jerusalem * World in a Grain of Sand * 

Romantic Muse explores inspiration in musical settings of poems of Wordsworth and Coleridge. 
Leaping Heart * Dancing Heart * Singer * Lucy Gray * Gymnopedie * Lucy’s Grave * Corals *

Baroque Muse explores inspiration in musical settings of Baroque poems. Diapason * Nativity * Hymn * Troubled *

Seasons in Song is a musical celebration of the seasonal cycle as an analogy of the rhythms of human life.
Human Seasons * Rain Music * Autumn * Do Not Go Gentle * World, Life, & Time *


Around the World in 40 Songs crosses six continents on as many strings.
One Hand TappingDark EyesLandKashmirCzardasHavaPolskieRhapLomondLondonderry * Paris
CondorBarrios ValsMaya DanzaCubaDiaPeanut VendorScherzoFreedomWonder * Teach *
Godbout takes you on a tour of world songs from fluttering Japanese ballads, East Indian airs (he modifies his guitar
with tin foil to simulate a sitar buzz), Russian gypsy songs, and Scottish folk tunes. Settle down for some captivatingly skilled
acoustic guitar work [as] he scrapes, slaps, and flicks the strings with dizzying speed, and the styles blend together seamlessly.
Godbout sees the wonder and harmony in the world and he plays guitar like a Buddhist god
.”  Fast Forward Weekly, Calgary

TransCanada ‘69: a Musical Trip to a Magical Time
TransCanada ’69SuzanneGod is AliveFreedomLightfootNorthWoodstockMile ZeroLove *
It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of Godbout’s virtuosic classical / jazz guitar playing, as he reinterprets
songs by Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Oscar Peterson, Lenny Breau, and Neil Young.
A loving homage to homegrown talent and a way to hear the past with fresh ears.
”  Georgia Straight, Vancouver
Sink into the spell woven by Godbout’s technical prowess and emotional intensity.
Relish the songs of hope and change that still echo so poignantly today.
”  Vue Weekly, Edmonton
Godbout produces an entire rhythm section from a single six-stringed instrument. You’ll spend the hour
listening to gorgeous, jazz-infused renderings of Canada’s musical landscape
.”  Winnipeg Free Press
Godbout is a brilliant guitarist and musical interpreter. In his hands the guitar becomes a whole
rhythm section. His interpretation of works by Leonard Cohen, Sylvia Tyson and Neil Young
were nuanced and beautiful.
”  The Gate, Toronto

Route 66: a Musical Quest for the American Dream winds from Chicago beyond Pat Metheny’s Missouri sky
to Bruce Springsteen’s ode to migrant Okies, Ottmar Liebert’s New Mexican nuevo flamenco, and a California surfari.
66Metheny’s MissouriTravelin’LandJoadDustLiebert’s Santa FeMe & B / HotelSurfari *
A pleasing hour spent with virtuoso Colin Godbout on a musical tour across the U.S. heartland.”  Winnipeg Free Press
Godbout is a stellar guitarist and the show is a pleasant, laid-back musical journey.”  Uptown Magazine, Winnipeg
Godbout leads listeners to another world with his music.  Audiences have only to sit back and relax alongside him,
as he does all the driving with his guitar. Godbout’s fingers make the guitar sparkle with emotion. He mixes jazz, country, surf,
and blues with a unique flair that not many can do, or even much less imitate
.”  Nexus Newspaper, Victoria

Highway 61: the Place the Music Died  
Blue 616 StringsPieMapQuayLeveeGracelandElvisHankBaloneyMLKPrideSouthern *
FruitKKKFaubusXroadsCutMoveServeSunDingB. GoodeMaryHomeFreebirdRider61 *
Gotta cruise the blue highway 61 to meet the blues martyrs in a song:
Six Strings Down to the House of the Rising Sun, gonna cruise the blue highway 61.
Amid Wisconsin’s valley where Stevie Ray did ride and Iowa’s field where the music died,
By the Mississippi where Buckley’s time had come, gonna cruise the blue highway 61.
Down to Clarksdale crossroads where Johnson sold his soul near the rocky road where Bessie lost control,
To the b
lue bayou of Skynyrd’s setting sun, gonna cruise the blue highway 61.

Global Visions conjures paradisal portraits expressed with various musical genres.
Hillbilly * Canaan * Honky Tonk * Rock ‘n’ Roll * 6 Strings Down * Somewhere * Vision * Saints *

Global Psalms explores various forms of musical prayers.  “He who sings prays twice.”  Augustine of Hippo
He prayeth best, who loveth best, all things great and small; for the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.”  Coleridge
Afro-American: Father * Still * DMXLord * Pray * FofFSunSinNeedHelpCryThankUTalk *
Anglo-American: OMG * OhWatcherDyingMomE&IMB * Graca * Praise * SpiritLight * GreatThankPrayer *
All-American: FollowJoy *   Asian: UDevotion *  Canadian: RichScaredMakerSireWill * Jah * Fire * Bell1 & 2 * Pray *
European: Oboe * CulpaMass1 & 2Meditato * Latin American: DawnGloriaCryAnew * Middle Eastern: Shalom *
I close my eyes and pray.”  Justin Bieber  “All we can do is play and pray.”  “I pray in my way.”  Miles Davis
Good blues stringing, heaven-fine singing, Jesus, Mary and Joseph been listening to your playing.”  Jimmy Vaughn
An attempt to say ‘thank you God’ through our work, even as we do in our hearts and with our tongues.”  John Coltrane
Before each and every concert I pray, minimum half an hour, that the concert would be good.”  U Srinivas
It may not be the right way to pray, but I want to thank you anyway.  Thank you Lord.”  Roy Buchanan
When I play I’m playing for the people, but I’m really playing for God, because he gave me this gift.”  Lenny Breau
As the sayings used in a nation mark its character,” (William Blake) so its sacred songs show the nature of its faith.
I was beside God.  I was his delight day by day, playing before him every moment.”  Wisdom, Prov. 8:30
Be filled with the Spirit, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.”  St. Paul, Eph. 5:18-19

Racial Harmony contrasts negative musical stereotypes with the harmonic norm of the major chord, a birthright of all races.
Minor: BackPaintCrowMaEbonyVisionAfr1 * Afr2 * Afr3 * AfroOrfeoNarci * ApacheCherokiIndian *
Metis1 & 2 * UnderIceNerdProudKJVSave * Rally * DarkerStarSpaceLiberia * BeautySakura *
7th (Blues): Dignity * Proud2 * RespectFunkyLost * BlueKill * Helter * Revo *  Hendrix Chord: Mort * 4Train * Hold *
Testify * Foxy * Free * VuduTax * Break * Lady Day * TimeBells * BirdlandTimeBoogy * Kid * Funk * Cold * Leader *
Major / Minor: ZaraB&TEbony2RevisionChanges * Chet (15:00) * Pain *
Major: Cheroki2 * YoungBirdBuffaloAngel * BlancPaleTeachSingBetelAfirBanner * EchoesOh C *
Black & White: Ali1 & 2 & 3 & 4 * Malcolm X * Farrakhan * Burdens: White * Black1 & 2 & 3 & 4Brown * Eric * Rosetta *
Remember, Christians, Negros, black as Cain, May be refin’d, and join th’angelic train.”  Phillis Wheatley
“I am black, but oh, my soul is white.”  William Blake  “I’m white inside.…my only sin is in my skin.”  Fats Waller
[Is] the color of his skin the color of his soul?”  Yardbirds  “I’m not black, but…I wish I could say I’m not white.”  Frank Zappa
I’m black and beautiful.”  Martin Luther King  “In [the U.S.A.] you were to think white people were gods.”  Stokely Carmichael
They’ve pushed the white race up…at the expense of black, brown, red, and yellow.”  Louis Farrakhan
I’m a white girl.  I’m just the surface of our dark deep well.”  Sinead O’Connor  “I and I are the roots.”  Bob Marley
They said I tried to bleach my skin….I know my race; I just look in the mirror – I know I’m black.”  Michael Jackson (5:30)
John liked to draw an analogy between mankind and his horn, explaining that one group might represent the upper
register, another the midrange, and yet another the deeper notes, but that it took all to make the whole.”  Alice Coltrane
Everywhere in the universe you see hierarchy.”  “The Bible says the disciples turned the world upside-down.”  Sun Ra
White is a liability, since the culture of white precludes the possession of the Negro ‘soul.‘”  LeRoi Jones
There’s a little black spot on the sun today; that’s my soul up there.”  Sting  “My heart is black.”  Crucified Barbara 
Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony on my piano keyboard…oh Lord, why don’t we?”  Paul McCartney
The entrance of a minor third instead of a major at once and inevitably forces upon us an anxious painful feeling.”  Rameau
When the minor third is played one feels pain in the soul, but the major third announces the soul’s victory.”  Rudolph Steiner
Perhaps my main fault is that I have a natural feeling for the minor.  I’d like to do more things in the major.”  John Coltrane
The white’s mind seeks to castrate the black’s music and write it off in the form of European-based criticism and control
– white control…And for that, along with your ideals and artifacts from ancient history, you must die.”  Charles Moore to Don Ellis
I have met black guys…who thought all whites were devils, and I have met people trained to hate blacks, people who turned
away from their hatred by my ministry from Jesus….God told me to teach that all the races are His bouquet.”  Little Richard
I saw an innumerable crowd from every nation…wearing white robes and holding palm branches.”  St. John, Rev. 7:9
Judge no one by the color of their skin, but by the brightness of the soul within; its tripartite harmony reflects the Holy Trinity.

Gypsy Diaspora traces the music of Roma migrations westward from India.
Roma RagaDark EyesCzardas#5ZamfirZawinulDjangoImprovEchoParfumNew Man *
ReyesBuleriasRumbaGypsy Church * Anglo-American Gypsies: LaneTaylorJonesBunyanPresley *

Music on the Orient Express: a Melodic Whodunit ventures from Paris to Istanbul in search of the greatest melody.
PinkClairFlaxenPavane & Bolero5thBrahmsChopinWolfyDanube1Danube2la Turca *
Godbout plays astoundingly adept arrangements of European composers’ works on guitar.”  Avenue Magazine, Calgary
Godbout plays the coolest version of Strauss’ Blue Danube that I’ve ever heard.”  Fast Forward Weekly, Calgary
When the melodies flow into the aether even the angels in heaven may take notice.”  B Channel News, Victoria

This performance is void of music; it’s haram/forbidden by allah/the god. What god? You know, the god.

Mediterranean Guitar Trek samples music from North Africa to the Middle East and Southern Europe.
TunisiaAfroAfricanariosArabiaDanzarabiaDanza MoraBlue RondoZorbaParadisoTango Sundance *

Brazilian Ecomusical is a musical travelogue of my ecotour of Brazil as well as the first ever ecomusical.
BerimbauFelicidadePassarimAviao * Aviao2OrfeoStoneRainbowG’s OboeIguazuBellsGreen *

Fair Trade Tunes? exposes the origins of songs composed unjustly.  Is it fair when good bands borrow and great singers steal?
You be the judge!  New?RutlesFine StepAirPaleChopinTristezaChopinJobimBrahms & Santana *
BeethovenBernsteinSinDown * Pavan & LampFrereMahlerMbubeLionCaballoBamboleoCondor *
FiveAlrightDoUnsquareTempleWoodstockQuarterFairSummerStairwayGrow *
LetSunEmilyHerePipeRidersBillieYesterdayArabeIdaMaybelleneMonkeyHomesick *
George & Whitey1 & 2MoonBeCryExEx2SloopCowboyAnjiDayPeopleWaitingSoleNowTrill *
Israfel * KhanSireWatcherVolvereEuropaTues@2:00B & WMauLoveTunjiDream * Taj & Sexy *
Jerusalem & Lamb * Slavery & One * 6 was 9 & Come * Loves & Dancing * Sun & Gun & Gadda * Mind & Love *
Click & Hop * Pedal & Doom * Kiyakiya & Selam Nna Wadada * 3 for the Festival & So Flute * Boogie Stop & Spiderman * Space & Woo Hah * In the Garden & Were You There * Sleepwalk & Albatross & Free * Do You Feel & Telegraph Rd. * Generation & Vibrations * One Note * #1 * Show Me & Phase Dance * Hoochie Koo & Lay it on the Line * Grace & Streets * 

Global Rhythms from Raga to Rumba explores dances from around the world.
Sail on the strings of my global guitar move to the rhythm of islands afar over the ocean and under a star
Sail on my strings and go down the Mississippi up the Amazon over the Atlantic to Saharan sand
By the Nile basin where the silk road ran past Pacific water to the land of the rising sun

TaikoSukiSayo * Indian: Lady Raga * Turkish: Dervish * Norveg * Polish: Mazurka * Viennese: Waltz * German: Polka *
French: TambourinPavane & BoleroPassacagliaGavotteRumba * Italian: Ballet * Spanish: EspanoletaFoliasGalliard
TientosFarrucaRondenasGranadinasFandango * British: JigReel * African: Canarios * Brazilian: Samba *
Bossa NovaChoros * Bolivian: Lambada * Argentine: Tango * Martinique: Beguine * Jamaican: ReggaeReggae2 *
Trinidadian: Calypso * Cuban: HabaneraSonSalsaMambo * Mexican: Hat Dance * American: BoogieSwingDisco *

Organic Music cultivates a garden of tonal organisms from a single note.
RagaSoleaAlegriasBluesRhythm ChangesPreludeFantasiaFantasia2Theme & Variations
T&V3T&V4CanonFugueFugue2Fugue3SonataSonata2 *

Sonic Chakras: 7 Steps 2 Inner Harmony is a musical journey through human energy centers. *
Roots Rock Raga * Sacral Raga * Solar Plexus SolearesHeartbeatleThroat * 3rd EyeCorona *

Elemental Journey is a musical evocation of earth, water, air, and fire.
Earth: Feilds of GoldNothing Gold Can StayMorning DewPavedWoodstock *
Water: Rain MusicAguaDouble RainbowOver * Air: BirdsCloudsSkyWind * Fire: IcarusLight *

Songs from Poets’ Corner features musical settings of verse by poets commemorated in London’s Westminster Abbey.
Poet’s EyeDiapasonBardLeaping HeartDancing HeartKublaMargaretUngentleWorld, Life, & Time *

Beyond Paris Skies: Songs from the City of Light
ParisAprilRoseSeaCastleNuagesSwingDjangoThemeBleuWindmills *RestLeaves
Summer / Spring
BetweenVals64Vals69NocturneEtudePavanGymnopedieMeditationAvePanisBells *

Songs from the Lincoln Highway  NYSAutumnDolphinLullabyScrapBirdValdez * AffirmationChelsea *
WoodstockAmeliaFloeECSimpleNewJerseyIndianaNebraskaRocky *AspenWyomingSunshine *
FloraEuropaPa TiRainbowVibrationsBay BluzBay Bluz2SFCalShine *