Attune to phallogocentrism and resist the madness of the matriarchy!

We’re living in a post-truth world, and if it’s socially unacceptable to represent myself truthfully, then I’m a male feminist, a white negro, and an anti-Islamophobe.  James Brown is black and proud; I’m white and ashamed.  Linda Sarsour is unapologetically Muslim; I’m a Christian apologist.  Truthfully, I admire speakers like Jordan PetersonGavin McInnisEzra Levant, and Tucker Carlson.
Two days after a Barcelona terrorist attack last summer Vancouver counter-protesters chanted: “No hate, no fear; Muslims are all welcome here.”  One counter-protester (6:50) shouted: “We’re fucking white; we don’t have a godamned fucking culture!”  Gregory M. Davis disagrees: “Recovering the great cultural inheritance of Western civilization – so carelessly squandered by its supposed guardians – will be the great requisite to Western survival.” (Afterword: Where To from Here, from Why We Left Islam, 176)  
This mob was congratulated by Gregor Robinson and Justin Trudeau: “Way to go, Vancouver.  Diversity will always be our strength.”  That’s because “if you kill your enemies they win,” and we want to win, so let them live.  “Terrorists do not have the strength to defeat us, so they seek to have us defeat ourselves.  We stand firm in the conviction that we [Freudian slip] – they will fail, because we are much stronger and more durable than they could ever imagine.”  It’s nonsensical, but have no fear: Vision Vancouver and Libertard Canada are here!  If that’s insufficient then book a gig to attune to the Logos.