We’re living in a post-truth world, and if it’s socially unacceptable to represent myself honestly then I’m a male feministChristian hipster, antiIslamophobe, and an oxymoron who loves Vancouver’s gynocentric Thornton Park, the nearby Jimi Hendrix shrine, G Day at the Ismali Centre, and the Muslim Community Centre in the main library – where CBC interviewed Scaatchi Koul, who tweeted to “pale demons”: “If you’re a white man…I don’t care about you.”  Neither did the counter-protester (6:50) who yelled: “We’re white, we don’t have a goddamned culture,” earning applause from Gregor Robinson and Justin Trudeau: “Way to go Vancouver.  Diversity will always be our strength.”  University is our weakness, as Camille Paglia implies: “there are forces aligning outside the borders, scattered fanatical hordes where the cult of heroic masculinity still has tremendous force….is a nation whose elite education is increasingly predicated on the neutralization of gender prepared to defend itself against that growing challenge?”  Ask Masuma Khan, “the future Prime Minister of Canada” – stan.  Or is it Faith Goldy?  What do you think of the Motion for “a whole of government” approach to “quell” Islamophobia?  Paul Weston: “Britain is now a totalitarian state.”  Wake up, vote for Mad Max – and disconnect from and defund the CBC (nonsense normalizers)!